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New Pictures

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

I was bribed with new pots and pans (thanks David and Cindy) to upload new pictures of the house.  I thought I had some of the kitchen finished but I didn’t.  Faith and I took brand new pictures today, so these are the latest and greatest.

The batteries on the camera died after a few shots, so I took some with my new helicopter.  Now, I need to figure out how to get them out of there so I can post them.



Friday, May 30th, 2008

A few days ago I broke down and bought a Blackberry phone.  I didn’t get it because I thought it was cool, or anything like that.  I got it because I needed a way to get my work emails and calendar sent to me wherever I am.  I have missed several meetings because I would get busy and not notice the time.  Now, my phone will warn me before the meetings so I can be sure not miss them. 

The one I got has all kinds of cool features that I could care less about.  Only once I thought it would have been cool to have a camera phone/video.  It was during a sound check before a concert and Darlene Zschech was singing the best version of “Shout to the Lord” I have heard.  Also, I’m not a guy who does text messaging.  On our old phones, I had the feature turned off because people would try texting me and I would have to pay a dime for each one.

So now I have a helicopter, and I’m sure as time goes by I will use most stuff on it.  The one I had with my previous employer had the phone turned off as I only used it for email.  And that was pretty much all I used it for.  But looking up a phone number for a store is pretty handy-dandy when a computer is not around.


Denver Picture

Thursday, May 22nd, 2008

My friend Jon is a photographer and he lives in Denver, CO.  This past week he posted some new pictures on his website, .  I was looking at some of his newest pictures and one really stood out to me. 

Some of you may know, that I lived in Denver for about 8 months many years ago.  Though I enjoyed myself while I was there, and I met many good people, I really don’t have a lot of good memories while I was there.  I don’t want to go into it here, but lets just say, it was an educational trip for me and made me realize many things about myself and who really matters in your life.  Anyways, this picture that Jon put on his site sums up (at least for me) how I remember Denver. 


So Close…..

Friday, May 16th, 2008

As I write this, we are so close to having the house finally finished I could almost taste it. 

Pretty much everything is finished.  There are a few minor touch up things that will be finished (hopefully) today, and early next week.  The only BIG thing left is the appliances and carpet.  We only found out a couple days ago that installing them was not in the electricians bid, so he never touched them.  Same with the water softener and RO unit.  I had to go back to the original company we bought the WS from 7 years ago in the old house to install it.

Baring any unforeseen issues, we should have our final code inspection in the middle of next week and we will be moving on Memorial Day weekend.  Carpet will go in next week, but the inspector won’t  care about flooring, so that won’t stop us from passing the inspection.

Its been a long time, but we will finally have a home of our own again real soon.  We are counting days now, before it was weeks, months and years. 

One last thing, who wants to come over Memorial Day for a BBQ?  Bring gloves and be ready to move furniture though.


Saw Something Cool

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

A few days ago, while I was driving home I saw something really cool.  It’s one of those things you see on the Nature Channel, or Discovery Channel.

I was driving on the Loop 303, on this stretch were there is just desert, and nothing else.  Everything is just normal, when all of a sudden, I see a Red Tail Hawk just drop out of the sky all fluttering.  It took me a couple seconds to realize what it was.  My first thought was that it crashed.  Just before I reached where it had fallen, it took off flying.  In its claws, was a snake.  I witnessed the hawk attacking and grabbing some food.  I have seen this on television, or at a show where the handler will reward a bird with a piece of meat, or whatever.

It was cool to me, and I wanted to share.