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Almost got it done

Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Last night the Cardinals came 35 seconds away from winning the Super Bowl.  I cannot describe how it felt knowing that the last few minutes of the game I saw them win/lose/win, just to see them eventually lose.  It was the most intense few minutes of any game I watched.  All the “last minute - come from behind” games I have seen were nothing compared to the game last night.  Because last night it was my team. 

I have to look at it in a positive light.  They were not even supposed win a single game in the playoffs.  And they not only won one, they won three, and came seconds away from winning four.  I am glad the Cards did as well as they did.  They didn’t go out there and fall apart, but stuck together and came from a 13 point deficit to take the lead. 

My biggest fear now is what will happen next season.  With so many players up for a contract renewal, this may be a different team.  I hope the success of this season will grow into many years of good teams that regularly make it to the playoffs, and eventually the Super Bowl again.  Only time will tell.

It has been a fun time watching so many people support the team.  Their motto was “Shock The World”, and they definitely did that.

Cardinals Fan