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It seems I always wait too long to update this site.  I think of several things to post, but always seem to get busy and forget.  Guess that’s the way it goes.

Since the last time I posted anything, a couple things have happened.  Faith and I went to a concert last week and saw one of our favorite bands, Mercy Me.  The good thing about the show was that though it was at a huge venue (US Airways Center) it was only $10 at the door.  There were 5 bands and it was basically non-stop show for almost 4 hours.  The only breaks were the 10 or 15 minutes in between bands for the setup/tear down of the equipment.  During which, members of Mercy Me would come out and speak, pray, or promote different ministries.  The place was packed, nearly 13,000 people showed up.  Another good thing about the show was Mercy Me had all of their Cd’s for $5 each.  So my collection is complete.  We should have checked out Jeremy Camps table to get some Cd’s from him, but we didn’t think about it till it was too late.

Faith and Erin took a spring break to California a couple weeks ago.  They were gone for a whole week and was able to visit all of Faith’s family.  One of her aunts had a surprise birthday party and most of her family (cousins, aunts, uncles) that she doesn’t get to see often were there.  So many pictures were taken and lots of laughter and fun was going around.

I couldn’t go because of work.  I didn’t mind, because it gave me a chance to finish working on Erin’s playground.  We were able to get a backyard play-set from our neighbor whose children were too big to use.  It’s one of those big wooden things with the slides, swings, and even a picnic table and a little fort on top.  It took me a few hours to sand it down and most of the week the girls were gone to stain it and put all the parts and pieces on it.  The good part about doing it that week was it had plenty of time to dry without Erin playing on it.  The other thing that occupied my time was my new toy I received a few days before they left.

Around the middle to late February, I won a radio contest and got a free XBOX 360.  The promotion was for the new add-on game for Grand Theft Auto 4.  It took almost 4 weeks for it to arrive, but when it did, I was surprised what I got.  It was an XBOX 360 Elite, GTA4 game, plus the download code for the add-on game.  I also got some stickers (yay?), a t-shirt, and 2 games that came with the XBOX.  They were Lego Indiana Jones (dun-dah-duh-daaa, dun-da-daaa) and Kung Fu Panda.  This arrived a few days before Faith and Erin left so when I wasn’t working on the play-set, I was playing games.  My friend came over and gave me a couple games that he knew I would like.  One was a racing game and the other was a shooter game that is some-what unique.  He already has an XBOX so he helped me set up an online account so we could play over the internet.  If you would like to chat/play sometime, let me know.  My username is “Tropizm” (duh) and if you send me an invite, please include who you are.  I have my account hidden to anyone who is not “a friend” so you will need to make first contact.  Or email me and I will send you the invite.  Since I don’t have many games, the chances of playing are slim, but the option is there.

I will be making my second trip to Omaha, NE in a couple weeks.  I went there for a few days back in February.  It was real cold while I was there.  The hotel is about 2 minutes walking from the data center, so when I was walking over there I about froze.  When I was inside I checked to see what the temperature was, and it said that the current temp was 10 degrees, and it felt like -2.  I would have agreed with that statement.  I am the local lead network guy for a big project and this customer has equipment going in my data center and our data center in Omaha.  So I am sure this will not be my last trip.  This next one will be for about a week, which isn’t too bad.  I just hope I don’t have to go for longer than that. 

I got an email from Dario a couple days ago.  His bakery was in an article in the newspaper.  Monika and Dario send me a copy of it, but it is in German.  I am working on getting it translated, and probably will post it once I do.  I have the beginning finished up, but I am so out of practice it will take some time.  Dario is mentioned in the article a couple times, so I am definitely going to finish it up.  I know I won’t get help from them, the email was titled “How good is your German?”, so they are forcing me to work on my German.  It’s all good.  I’m so lazy that if they would help me I wouldn’t do it.  So its better this way.

That’s most everything for now.  Maybe I will have something else posted soon.  Probably not, maybe the next one will be titled “What I did on my summer vacation”.  or maybe not.

Struggling German student

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  1. Anja Says:

    Seems like you don’ do much on your website anymore and you never show up on Facebook. Well, just stop by to check on some updates and new pics and to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY old fart lol.

    Love ya, Anja

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