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Happy January, um, February

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

Realized today its been a while since I posted anything.  So here goes.

First, I hope everyone had a good Christmas, great New Years, and are having a good 2008 so far.

We had a pretty good New Years.  We opened the year with a vacation.  Real relaxing, a week in Sedona.  Did alot of checking out the area, and even went to play in the snow.  I have some pictures of the vacation posted.  There are pictures of the place we stayed at, some of us playing in the snow, and pictures of “Out of Africa” wildlife park.  Its basically a zoo where they rescue “African” animals and let you see them.  There was a show called Tiger Splash where they get the tigers to chase them and then they jump in the water.  After the show, Erin and I fed a tiger.  Real cool.

We also went to Montezuma’s Castle.  I won a Wii video game console off the radio and there is a picture of Erin playing Wii Boxing.  Lots-O-Fun.

The house is coming along.   The inside walls are finished, two of the bathrooms have their tubs/showers in.  We have A/C and electrical is starting today.  We are almost done with the BIG stuff, then will come the tedious detail stuff that will take a while to do.  I will post new pictures after I get a few more to post.

Anyhoo, thats it for now.