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What the? A post on this site?!?

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012


A quick (not really) note on why I haven’t posted anything here in over three years, and what my plans are for this site.  I will write it somewhat chronologically, as that is how my brain likes it.  And I like to keep my brain happy.  This is somewhat long, so you can just skip to the bottom if you don’t care about the details.  Or just continue on to whatever site you were looking for when you stumbled across this.

I originally took a break from writing here because I am a very private person by nature.  So writing what I am doing, or have done, was uncomfortable for me.  I also didn’t know if anyone really cared about this besides my family and close friends.  But since most of what I wrote was directed towards them, it didn’t matter much.  But even then, I was never really easy with saying “hey, look at what I’m doing”.  There is enough Internet noise out there, and I didn’t want to add to the ruckus just for the sake of it.

After a couple months of not posting anything, I felt that my next post would have to be something “big”.  I figured cool things have happened that I didn’t write about, so I wanted my next post to be awesome.  I had previously written several posts that were the “what I did on my summer vacation” consolidation stories and I was getting tired of them.  I would (and still) come up with something that I felt would be an interesting read, but I was in this mindset that it had to be “super-duper cool” to justify an actual posting.  In other words, this was a really good excuse for not posting anything.  So I used it.

After a while, it just became habit to not post here anymore.  I wrote a few things on Google+, and more things on Twitter.  The ease of posting with Twitter made me feel like the site was no longer for me.  I liked being able to just shoot off a quick comment, or post a picture with my phone.  Actually logging into a website and typing was cumbersome and not very convenient.

Next thing I knew, a year had past, then two.  It became easier for me to ignore the site and just never do anything with it.  So I made no new posts, no new updates, and no new anything.  When I saw that most of the links were broken and needed fixing, I decided to just scrap the whole site.  But I didn’t.

Fast forward to about a year ago. 

I was helping a friend of mine design and build a new site.  I didn’t do any coding, but I was helping him out with ideas, formatting, and I owned one of the first sets of eyes to see his creation.  It is  Check it out, he did a really good job. 

After an email discussion with another friend (well, Internet friend), I really wanted to dig back into updating my site for realzies.  His site is and it is just.plain.awesome. 

What I saw these two guys do really started to get me excited.  They both used WordPress like me, but a newer version that allowed for all the cool stuff they were doing.  I really started to get that creative itch again.  I haven’t had that in a really long time.  I actually WANTED to make something again, and I liked that feeling.

I said, “Hey me, lets redo this site”.  So I started the process of updating my website. 

What has been changed so far? Well, nothing significant yet.  Life got in the way and I never started the REAL process.  I had ideas, researched newer modules and plug-ins for WordPress, and downloaded them.  What I didn’t have, was a lot of time.  So the site just sat there like an old rusty Studebaker in the north forty. 

So now what? 

Well, I still plan on updating the site.  But I have made the decision that even though I don’t like the site in its current state, I can write.  So I will write. 

What will I write about?  I don’t know.  I have several ideas.  But I have decided that writing is writing and the site is the site.  I will write when inspired, and post them accordingly.   I feel like I need to write more than work on a site, so I am not using the site as an excuse anymore.

Over the past couple of years, I wrote a few things for other sites.  I will post some of them here at some time.  Nothing major, but stuff I wrote and liked so hopefully you will too.  And why not share them with my friends and family here?  Besides, most of the stuff I wrote has never been posted, and have basically disappeared.  So if I don’t post them here they will never see the light of day.  Some of the stuff will never see the light of day anyways, because it sucked.  I plan on showing you the non-sucky stuff.  At least, I hope its non-sucky.

I will post some random items.  This is what I usually write about anyways, nothing in particular.

I have really been into video games the past few years.  Or more accurately, BACK into video games.  For the first time in many years, I have a PC that can play some of the newer games, and most of the older games that I was never able to play due to having an outdated PC.  I still have an older PC, but with some RAM and a nice video card I can finally play games I missed out on.  I also have my Xbox 360 and Wii, and thanks to Amazon sales, I purchased several games that I have missed when they were new.  So I may give my two cents on those.

Movies too, I like movies.

I am not really planning any particular overall theme.  I plan on posting game stuff, other writings, random things my brain comes up with, recipes (hey, you gotta eat), and whatever else my brain tells my fingers to type.  I probably will stay away from family stuff.  I am still a private person, and what happens in my home is none of the Internet’s business.   If family updates are your main reason for stopping by, you may be disappointed.  But who knows?  I know I don’t.

That’s about it.  I hope you enjoyed your visit.  If you hate my site, I’m glad you stopped by, and goodbye.  If you like it, thank you.  Please come again.  I hope I can keep this fun and interesting for the both of us.

Over the next couple months I will devote actual time to updating the site.  I will add a few band-aids for now, but I hope to have everything updated and looking pretty again soon. 

I did remove the broken links, so that is a startI take victories where I can get them, even the small ones.

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully I won’t waste too much of your time.