So Close…..

As I write this, we are so close to having the house finally finished I could almost taste it. 

Pretty much everything is finished.  There are a few minor touch up things that will be finished (hopefully) today, and early next week.  The only BIG thing left is the appliances and carpet.  We only found out a couple days ago that installing them was not in the electricians bid, so he never touched them.  Same with the water softener and RO unit.  I had to go back to the original company we bought the WS from 7 years ago in the old house to install it.

Baring any unforeseen issues, we should have our final code inspection in the middle of next week and we will be moving on Memorial Day weekend.  Carpet will go in next week, but the inspector won’t  care about flooring, so that won’t stop us from passing the inspection.

Its been a long time, but we will finally have a home of our own again real soon.  We are counting days now, before it was weeks, months and years. 

One last thing, who wants to come over Memorial Day for a BBQ?  Bring gloves and be ready to move furniture though.


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