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So I finally figured out why I couldn’t upload new pictures.  So this morning I uploaded new pictures of Dario’s trip to AZ this summer.  There isn’t many, but a couple from each part of the trip.  A couple of Vegas, Cardinals Camp, and hanging out around the house.

Short but sweet, enjoy.

FYI, Anja’s house was in the path of Hurricane Ike.  Her and Kris are fine, but as of this writing, I don’t know the status of their home.  From all accounts, the area wasn’t hit as bad as feared, so that is a good thing.  But we pray that everything turns out fine.


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  1. Anja Says:

    We made it through the storm unharmed and we were very blessed as we only lost 2 sections of our fence and some of the small trees need to be straightened, that’s it. We have full power, water, cable TV and even internet again. Feeling kinda bad since so many people have to go without and here we are sitting in the A/C watching Ike aftermath on cable. When we evacuated we just knew the house would be flooded, but to our surprise our neighborhood looks good. Unfortunately the older part of the neighborhood didn’t make out so great, lots of flooding and tree damage. On the other side of us maybe half a mile up the street is a boat storage and they had 4-5 feet of water. Weird how this works, huh. Doug and Faith and everybody else who prayed for us THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!! Now lets pray for all the people that lost so much. I have 2 coworkers, 1 friend (with family), and one of our doctors whose houses got flooded and looking at the pictures of Galveston and Bolivar it doesn’t look good for many families.

  2. admin Says:

    Don’t thank us for praying, thank God for answering prayers. We pray for everyone affected during the hurricaine. We also praise Him for all those who were not seriously affected.

    I’m happy for you guys. I know that even during the storm, you were convinced that your house would be flooded. That being said, you were still in good spirits and knew that He was still there for you, good or bad. What a great testamony for all of us who consider bad traffic or a bad day at work an emergency. You are an inspiration for all of us.


  3. mom Says:

    I haven’t visited the website in a while so I am just now hearing about how the hurricane affected Anja and her family and friends. I hope that by now their life is back to normal. I enjoyed reading about Dario’s visit. He is a wonderful boy and I am very proud of him. I was unable to spend much time with him and Monika. However, he had a wonderful time with his Dad and Faith. Dario certainly didn’t seem to have to do much to win over Erin. It was very upsetting to me knowing I had to leave so early. I cannot put into words how I felt having so many members of our family and friends all gather for Monika and Dario. Doug and Faith were very gracious hosts and the new house is just wonderful. It’s a little late but I wish for everyone a very Happy New Year. Remember to pray for everyone out of work. Several in our family are looking for jobs and their families are learning to make some very difficult choices. Mom

  4. mom Says:

    I have just wandered around and I really enjoy reading all the thoughts and ramblings. Plus, anybody that knows me knows I love pictures and can’t get enough. This website enables me to keep up with my son and his family and hear about friends that I haven’t seen for many years. As an update, I saw Elmer a week or so ago and he is doing well. He celebrated his 76th birthday in April and is slowing down a bit but he is still the same old Elmer. Joking and treating everyone to steak dinners. He was very honored that Doug wanted him at the “family” BBQ. He also is overwhelmed that Monika still remembered him.Since I only work part-time now, I am trying to go to the website more often. Problem is, I’m really not a computer person so it is difficult for me and sometimes seems like more work. I guess I will always prefer a good book and a warm hug to being on a rather cold computer. However, emails keep me in contact with everyone and I am very grateful to Doug for answering all my “HELP” emails when I have a problem. Nothing is better for me than a scream of “grandma” and a grandchild running into my arms. I doubt if I will ever change. The only important job in life was to be a good mom and a grandma.

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