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New Job

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Last week I started a new job.  It is a little further drive, and the commute time is a little longer, but it is worth it.  I will be doing more network type stuff than I did before. 

Though I have only been here a week, I feel real comfortable.  My immediate supervisor is a real good friend that I have known for years.  He told me about the position and (basically) is responsible for getting me the job.  I had to sell myself, but I know that the process would not have been as easy without his help. 

A bonus about being here, and one of the reasons I’m so comfortable, I know two other guys that work here.  Plus, the guys I deal with everyday have been real cool. 

A minus of the new job is that since I don’t work for the old company anymore, I have to pay for my website now.  It’s not that bad, but at least for now, I will keep it just like it is.  Since the house is a few weeks away from being finished, I will simply pay for the site to keep from having to make any major changes to it.  Maybe later I will make some changes to it (hopefully invisible to my millions of web viewers) but that wont happen for a while.

Gotta run, God Bless all of you.



Thursday, February 7th, 2008

For those of you who don’t know, I won a Nintendo Wii for Christmas.

I wanted a Wii more than any other video game console out right now because I figured Erin would be able to play it easier than a regular console.  This is because you don’t have to have great finger dexterity to play.  You simply move the controller around to do whatever you want to do.  If you are playing baseball, you swing it like a bat to hit the ball.  Erin really enjoys it, and she kicks major butt on the boxing game. 

Anyways, I won the Wii from 98 KUPD.  You can listen live at if you like.  It is a rock station that I have listened to since I was a youngster.  The morning show is called “Holmberg’s Morning Sickness” and every Friday morning they play a game called “Guadalupe Squares”.  Its a silly game that is played like the Hollywood Squares TV show.  I was fortunate enough to get through on the phone, and play with guest comedian Pablo Francisco.  Needless to say, I won the game and won the Wii. 

If you are wondering why it has taken so long to write about this, it is because I wanted to post a copy of the game so you could listen if you like.  Well, they never added my game to their podcast.  Dick Toledo is the morning producer and he graciously emailed me a copy and said if I gave them full credit, I can post it here.

If you would like to listen to the MP3 of me willing a Wii, click here.  It is somewhat racy, but not vulgar.  Thank you to the Morning Sickness show for a really great gift.  My daughter and I love it.



Monday, February 4th, 2008

This past weekend Glendale was host to Super Bowl 42.  I admit, it was pretty cool to have it here again.  Its fun to watch all the locals go nuts over “super” stars, the parties, and anything that mentions the Super Bowl.

Me being me, I could care less about all the hype of who is AT the game, I care about who is IN the game.  I don’t get to watch too many games during the regular season from beginning to end.  Usually I get to watch the 4th quarter of one game and the first 1 or 2 quarters of another game.  But the Super Bowl is different.  I like to watch some of the pre-game, and all of the game.

This year I paid more attention to game than usual.  Not only because of the quest for the “perfect” 19-0 record, but because it was here.  Since neither team was one I liked, and you can’t go into a Super Bowl and not cheer for one side or another, I choose the NY Giants as the team to root for.

The three reasons for my pick were simple.  I don’t like the Patriots, as they come off as a bunch of jerks.  There is no reason to “go for it” on 4th and 1 when you are up 20+ points.  Just plain unsportsmanlike, in my opinion.  Not to mention, Boston won the World Series a couple months ago, and one championship a year is plenty.  Being from Phoenix, and having one championship in my lifetime, I can call them greedy. 

Second, I work with a guy from the Boston area.  See my first reason, and you will understand why this is my second reason.

Third, one of my best friends is from NY, though he now lives in Ohio.  And with the Buckeyes losing so much the last couple years, and my dislike of the Patriots, I had to root for the Giants.

Needless to say, I am glad the Giants won the game.  Plus, it was one of the best football games I have seen in a long time, and probably the best Super Bowl I can remember.

But now that the Giants have won, and the Pats are not as “perfect” as they hoped, I have reverted back to my dislike for both teams.  Thanks NY, but I will now boo you.  Boo.

And if you wondered, my team is the Cardinals.  Hey, someone has to like em!