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Cleaning out the closet

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Its been a while since I updated this, so this post may be longer than usual. 

First, Faith and I went to watch the Diamondbacks in the NLCS Game 2 against the Colorado Rockies.  It was a great game, meaning that every inning had the potential of swinging the game one way or the other.  The DBacks were down 2-1 until the 9th inning until they tied it up at 2-2.  The game finished with the Rockies winning 3-2 in the 11th inning.  Simply put, the DBacks blew it.  Valverde had control issues and loaded the bases.  Then walked in the winning run.

As you may know, the Rockies won the series 4 games to 0 and went on to lose to the Boston Red Sox in the World Series 4 games to 0.  The irony of it all is that the DBacks played the Rockies the last series of the regular season.  AZ needed to win 1 game to clinch the NL West.  The Rockies needed to win 2 and other teams needed to win/lose for the Rockies to make it to the playoffs.  AZ won a game, then basically let the Rockies win the other 2.  The other teams won/lost to where San Diego and CO had to play eachother and the winner goes into the playoffs.  Of course, the Rockies won, and then came back and beat the tar out of AZ.  Goes to show, every game matters.

Tristin and Erin at the State Fair
We took Erin and Trisen to the AZ State Fair.  Dad and Pat also went, so we would meet up with them, then seperate, then meet up.  We all had a great time and both Erin and Tristen won a prize playing a game.  Tristen got a little bored with the kiddie rides and so he went on an adult ride by himself, and a couple of the bigger kids rides.  Erin went with Tristen on the bigger kids rides.  She looked nervous on the ride but as soon as she got off, she wanted to go again.  She wanted to go on the giant ferris wheel, but we didn’t.  I want to wait another year or two to take her on that. 

House update.  The last couple weeks alot of work has been done.  The trenches for the stem wall were dug, forms made, and the stem wall was poured.  The stem wall is what supports the outter walls, and keeps the foundation stable.  The plumber is currently getting the under-foundation pipe work done.  We are hoping to have the foundation poured next week and after that walls will start to go up.

That is about it for now.  I will try and post more stuff more often.  In case you didn’t know, clicking the pictures will take you to the Flickr page and you could see more pictures.  Also, you could comment on a post or picture if you want to.  Just a reminder, since there isn’t too many comments, I wanted to make sure you know that.

God bless to all.


Dirt is starting to move around

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

Yesterday, 10/02/07, the ground for the house started to get worked on, getting ready for the foundation.  This marks the first real visible evidence that the house work is started. 

Before, you could see steaks in the ground marking the outside edges, so the grader knows the area to work in.  We also had a water line ran to the property and a water meter installed.  But that is not nearly as exciting as pulling up on the property, seeing a grader sitting there, and an area of semi-level ground where the house is gonna be at.  After a few more days, the foundation work will start.

I hope to get more pictures up once more visible work gets done. But this is what it looked like yesterday.
Looking SE

Casting Crowns

Monday, October 1st, 2007

Saturday night Faith and I took our friends daughter to see Casting Crowns in concert.  For those of you who don’t know, they are our favorite Christian band.

It will be Kandice’s 16th birthday in a few weeks, so we thought it would make for a great birthday present.  And since she has dedicated her life to worshiping The Lord through music, it was also a fitting present. 

It was the second time Faith and I have seen them in concert.  The last time was a couple years ago and they were at our old church.  Though the church as 6500 seats, the place was packed solid, and the show was great, this time they was even better.  It was at the Glendale Arena aka Arena (boo on the name).  With a true concert sound system and light show, it made the show even better.

But for me, what made both shows so great was the atmosphere of praise and worship.  It wasn’t a concert, it was church.  The band would explain the song they were about to sing and how it came about.  It was usually how God helped them in a particular situation, or how to talk to a friend in need.  Several times during the show, they would pray for a situation.  There was even the chance to accept Christ as your Savior.  It truly was a worship service, not just a concert.

At the end, the music stopped, and each band member took the microphone and prayed for the audience.  One for the moms, one for strength to make it through the day, and so on.  That, in our opinion, was the highlight of the evening.

And of course, the music rocked.