The Cardinals are going to the Super Bowl

I have been a football fan as long as I could remember.  I was a Redskin and Steelers fan growing up, but for no real reason other than I liked to watch them play.  I instantly became a Cardinals fan when they moved to Arizona in 1988.  At that time, the only professional sports team we had were the Phoenix Suns.  I liked and supported them, but I am a bigger fan of football than basketball.

I remember watching the very first game the Cardinals had as an Arizona team.  They were the Phoenix Cardinals and it was against the Seattle Seahawks.  Two things about that game stand out in my mind.  One, the Cardinals got beat horribly bad.  Second, I was alone in a hotel room, knowing that the next morning I would take an airplane to New Jersey and “officially” be in the Army.

Here I am, 20 years later.  I have endured so many bad, bad football seasons.  I have seen the Cardinals lose games they should have won, and in the most spectacular meltdown ways possible.  The Monday Night Football game in 06 against the Chicago Bears come to mind.  That game prompted the coach to give this memorable youtube moment.

All the losing, all the teasing because I am a fan of the team, now comes down to this, The Super Bowl.  When they win this weekend, all of the past will not be erased.  I think it will be amplified.  In my opinion, what makes this game SO special, is the fact that they have been so bad for so long.  Embrace the fact that we were the worst, and will soon be the best.  If the teams entire identity turns around to be a team that consistently goes to the playoffs, always have winning records, and make it to more Super Bowls, that would be fantastic.  Just remember all the years we had to endure to become that higher caliber team.  When going to the Super Bowl stops being a big deal, then why even watch the game.

One of the best parts of this particular season is that Dario and I started the season together, and saw their first preseason game of the season.  We both have footballs full of autographs from the teams training camp, and also autograph sheets.  This season, this team was already special to me because of that.  With them one win away from being the champions, its even more special.  (teasing jab at Dario) I have Larry Fitzgerald’s autograph on my football.

Cardinals fan

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